Libraries like Detroit’s need our support now, more than ever

Libraries, vital pillars in our community, are increasingly under attack. That’s why as Detroit Public Library gradually opens branches for the first time since March 2020, it’s important that we support them now more than ever.

Challenges are nothing new to libraries, but now they face protests, an explosion of book bans, staffing shortages, and increasing fiscal challenges stemming from the pandemic. In Jamestown Township and Ionia County, Michigan, voters last week even rejected millages tha

No, I won’t be boycotting The Woman King

When I saw the trailer for The Woman King online a couple of months ago, I wasn’t impressed. Another Hollywood movie with violence, war, and slave-trading at the center? Really?

But it was the rising calls for a boycott of Sony’s latest action-drama that piqued my interest and moved me to go see the film — twice. I’ve also urged other Black Americans like me to support the film, not just for its stunning cinematography, superb acting, and gripping narrative, but for the very issues that are sti

The Detroit Chef Making All the Viral TikTok Food Videos We Need Now

Before the pandemic, chef Jon Kung ran small, secret dinner parties in Eastern Market. But the global pandemic provided him with a much wider international audience, a deal with an anime streaming service, and the opportunity to inspire millions of people stuck indoors through TikTok.

Kung ran an underground kitchen prior to the global health crisis that sold thousands of tickets over the years to private, intimate dinner parties at his Eastern Market studio. Guest lists were developed via word